My Road Trip Essentials:

Hey girls! It’s Hailey here! (Obviously.) You may have noticed that I have been posting a lot more often lately, and that’s because I want to be more involved with my blog, instead of posting about 2-3 times every month like I used to. So be expecting a lot more from me in the future! Anyways, today I am sharing my road trip essentials with you guys! I am going on a family vacation this fall, and I have been planning ahead a bit the past few weeks. So, lets begin!

First thing I always bring, is some sort of backpack\purse that I can easily carry around wherever I go! I cant decide which one of these backpacks I want to bring, so comment down below which one you like best!

I also always bring a small blanket along with a pillow, to nap on in the car, and so I have a piece of home to sleep with wherever we stay!

Next up, I normally bring a hoodie with me, just for when it gets a bit chilly! (#Falliscoming!!!)

Sunglasses are a DEFINITE essential on vaca for me! Not only does protect your eyes from the blazing sun, but they also make ya look super cool!

I am also going to bring along this drawing tablet for the car ride! Its so much more convenient than having a bulky sketch book in your bag!

You definitely cant forget your cords! I bring along my earpods to listen to music, (Be expecting a future Fall playlist!) and my charger since I normally charge my phone alot!

Another essential of mine, is something that’ll keep my hands busy! So i’m gonna bring a small container of non-messy kinetic sand for the car!

Ya cant forget your money! I always buy something as a souvenir while on vacation! So I have my wallet, and my adorable avocado change purse!

Who else loves reading as much as I do? Books are always essential for a long car ride, I could read for hours!

Next I have my hairbrush, lip balm, hair ties, and hand sanitizer. I don’t think these need much of an explanation. LOL

Of course on a road trip you can NEVER forget snacks! I normally bring healthier snacks with more nutrients to energize myself, but I also bring some gum, or succers as a sweeter treat!

That is all of my road trip essentials! I had lots of fun making this post, and thanks for stopping by my blog! And if you aren’t already, be sure to follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss out on some awesome stuff! See ya later!


Hello there! I'm Hailey. A proud homeschooled, and Christian teen girl who loves pizza rolls, reading, photography, singing, and chillin' with my dog Tank. I also love crafting, hangin' out with friends, and just being crazy!

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