All about Tank!

Helo everybodee! This iz Hailey’s dogg, Tank! (That is a foto of me!) I have just resently decided that she haz had to much of the spotlite. So I have snuk on her computr, and tooday we will bee taulking abowt me! Pleez excuze any of my spelling incorections; incase yoo did not know, for sum odd reezon, there iz no such thing az doggie skool. So it iz not my fualt . Anywayz, lets beegin! Here ar sum facts abowt me:

Fact #1: My famuly rescued me frum a scary dogg shelter, on the very last day of January! It waz a pretty nice place tho, with nice peeple too! This iz a foto of when i first met Hailey!

Fact #2: I am only 1 yeer old, and my berthday is January 2nd! Sum peeple can’t beeleeve I am still a puppy with how bigg I am!

Fact #3: Don’t tell anyone, but Hailey iz my favorite! She alwayz takes fotos with me!

Fact #4: My favorite special treets are carrit stiks, and coconut oil! Deelishus!

Fact #5: My favorite toy iz a Tenniz ball, or anything with a Tenniz ball on it! I have a badd feer of squeeky toys tho, nobodee beeleeves me when I say they are evil!

Fact #6: Girlz call me a pretty and handsome boy all the time! But Hailey iz alredy my girlfriend!

Fact #7: I luv playing outside! I especially luv chasing my ball!

Fact #8: I get the doggie zoomies alot,especially at nite when I get reely hyper and run arowned the house until Mommy sayz to stop it. (#ParteePooper!)

Fact #9: I luv taking short napz threwout the day on my back! Hailey’s bed iz way comfier then mine!

Fact #10: This iz the last fact, but I also luv chooing on bigg stiks! Sumtimes I accidently swallow it tho.

I hope yoo guyz learned more abowt me in this post! (Don’t tell Hailey I made it tho!) Hopefully I will bee able too make more posts abowt my life in the future! Until then,

I made myself this logo, how do yoo like it?



Hello there! I'm Hailey. A proud homeschooled, and Christian teen girl who loves pizza rolls, reading, photography, singing, and chillin' with my dog Tank. I also love crafting, hangin' out with friends, and just being crazy!

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