Room Tour:

Hey guys! Hailey here. I am super excited for todays post, because I am doing the long awaited room tour!!! I have wanted to do this for a VERY long time now, so I can’t wait to share what my bedroom looks like with you guys! I actually also plan on making more of these posts, sort of like updates if I decorate my room a different way, and change it up a bit. Also, sorry about the lack of posts lately! I am working on a posting schedule, so I am able to post more often. Anyways, let’s just get started!

This is my door when you first walk in. (Not very important, but I figured i’d show it as well!)

This is my desk area! I have been working super hard to decorate it, and I am SO happy with the results! Here are a few more pictures…

This is my craft storage….It was pretty messy at the time, so I didn’t take any pictures! ; D

This is the wall where I put most of my notes, and reminders! Now…..on to my bed area!!!

I love how my bed area looks now that I have fully decorated! I still have a few things here and there that I’d like to do, but it still looks great!

My flower wall!!! ; )

My dresser!

My 2 ukuleles! I love them so much!!!

These are my fake plants. I am actually going to get some more fake, and real ones to make a little terrarium corner on top of my dresser!

Isn’t this tiny fountain so cute?! It actually works really well!

My window! I am actually going to replace the blinds with some pretty curtains I have.

Here is an over view of my whole bedroom!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and got some inspiration from it as well! I know that I had lots of fun making it! Let me know with a comment what your favorite part of my bedroom was! Well, i’ll see you guys later! Until next time,


Hello there! I'm Hailey. A proud homeschooled, and Christian teen girl who loves pizza rolls, reading, photography, singing, and chillin' with my dog Tank. I also love crafting, hangin' out with friends, and just being crazy!

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